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Term Insurance is the most affordable coverage solution for the money.  Selecting the appropriate amount of coverage and company are key in saving time and money.

Term Policies

10-20-30 Year Term Policies and other variations are available to provide you the maximum coverage at the lowest cost.  Let us do a policy review and provide you with the proper competitive recommendations.

Insurance Underwritting

Your health buys your insurance and your premium keep it in force. Underwriting can be tricky and potentially limit your options.  Our underwriting strategy and pre-underwriting process allows us to submit your application quickly and efficiently.

Term Life Vs. Permanent Life

The choice to leverage the different types of Term Insurance or consider a permanent life insurance product can be confusing.  We make it easy by performing a needs analysis and recommending the most viable solutions.  We compete so you don’t have to!

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    Term Insurance Policies Term Life Insurance Plans are Affordable and Reliable

    10-20-30 Year Term

    Term life insurance provides coverage for a set period. Basic term life insurance lengths are 10, 20, or 30 years with variations and issue age requirements.

    Return of Premium

    Term Life Insurance with Return of Premium (ROP) is a competitive way to maximize your term policy coverage and get your premiums back.

    Mortgage Protection

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    Lifetime Term / GUL

    Term to 100 or Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance is a great way to have permanent life insurance with term like premiums.

    Business Owners Insurance

    Business owner life insurance can provide cash infusion at a critical time to preserve the business.  Key Person Insurance and Buy-Sell Agreements are critical for business continuity.

    Life Insurance for Children

    Life insurance for children is a great way to start a nest egg and provide protection while they are young and when they grow up!
    Choosing The Right Type of Policy Can Be Easy We are a one stop shop for sourcing competitive Life Insurance Solutions.

    If you have already purchased life insurance in the past, you understand that there are many expenses your loved ones will have.  Life insurance is not an asset that can just be purchased and then filed away.  You should review your policy every 1-2 years and when you experience a life changing event.

    Common Life Changing Events:

    • Marriage or Divorce
    • Birth of a Child or Grandchild
    • Purchase of  New Home
    • Disability
    • Owning a Business
    • Change in Business Valuation
    • Retirement
    • Education for Children
    • Elder Care for Parents
    Life Insurance Needs Analysis is the starting point to determine the coverage type, amounts, term and policy mechanics to sucesfuly implement the proper insurance strategy.  It provides a snapshot of your current  situation and should be done annually as life events and changes occur.
    Your health buys your insurance and underwriting is a way for companies to mitigate risks, confirm eligibility and rates for a life insurance policy.  Medical exams, MIB and APS requests and prescription records are often  necessary to confirm underwriting decisions.  Age, gender, health, family medical history, occupation, hobbies, driving record, citizenship and finances are all items that may be revied during the underwriting process.
    Pre-Underwriting is a great way to head off unsuccessful attempts at placing a policy with the wrong carrier.  We work with you to complete a pre-underwriting process so we are able to select the most appropriate insurance company that meets your health and financial needs.  Then we are able to position a policy with the desired coverage amounts and term limits that meet your initial needs analysis requirements.
    Why conduct a policy review?  It’s part of doing the right thing for financial planning and family protection.  Life happens and things change in our lives, so decisions need to be revisited and updated.

    Conducting a policy review is not complicated.  However, it does take time and attention to detail.  Items that will need to obtained and reviewed are listed below.

    • Summary of current in-force policy ledger
    • Review type of policy, ownership, beneficiary designations, payment methods, premiums, cash value and loans
    • Review current objectives and goals
    • Identify and personal or business changes that may affect life insurance needs
    • Evaluate change in interest rates and cost of insurance
    • Consider any surrender charges and time periods
    • Check financial stability of insurance company
    • Alternatives to consider
    • Health changes or medical issues

    Possible Results:

    • Everything is ok and no changes need to be made
    • Changes to owner or beneficiary
    • Guaranteed coverage or premium changes
    • Increase or decrease in coverage amounts, terms and types

    Reasons To Work With An Insurance Professional Insurance is an important part of protecting a family, business or estate planning. Let an experienced professional provide the right recommendations and solutions.

    Life Insurance is a financial vehicle used to protect the assets and create wealth for the surviving family.  Many other business uses are also available.  For a relatively small amount of money each year, beneficiaries can receive a potentially large death benefit.


    Insurance For Stages of Life

    • Young single people starting out – The best time to get coverage is when you are young and healthy and starting a career. – Find out more about how you can plan ahead.
    • Married or Getting Married – Today, most families depend on dual income to maintain the lifestyle they are accustomed to. Let us help you build a long term strategy for protecting your family.
    • Home / Mortgage Protection – Life insurance can protect your investment and spare your family the disruption change can make. We can help with proper family protection planning.
    • Retired or Estate Planning – Planning for estate preservation and a spouse can prevent the financial struggles in retirement. Inflation and the cost of healthcare consume much of retirement income today. We can help with creating a protection plan than can remove this struggle.

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    Our Team of Insurance Professionals are here to assist you with conducting a proper needs analysis and providing a well constructed recommendation with an unbiased approach.  We represent multiple top-rated Insurance Companies and are expert at getting policies issued.  Let us compete for you!

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    Life Insurance Numbers and Stats Approximately 52% of Americans own Life Insurance as of 2023.

    Source: 2023 Insurance Barometer Study, LIMRA, Website:

    • In January 2023, 52% of consumers reported owning life insurance (e.g., individual, employer-sponsored, etc.), which is up from 50% in 2022 but down from 63% in 2011.
    • Overall, there are more than 100 million uninsured and underinsured Americans who say they need (or need more) life insurance coverage.
    • Thirty-eight percent of Americans say their household
      would face financial hardship within six months should a wage earner die unexpectedly — 30% would struggle financially within a month.
    • Among life insurance owners, 21% say they do not have enough coverage.
    American Adults 100 Million Uninsured Americans
    Single Mothers 41% of single mothers own life insurance say they need or need more life insurance,
    Consumers Willing to pay more for insurance company with good reputation.
    Insurance Owners Do Not Have Enough Coverage
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